The Baugemeinschaft Haasestraße (property development cooperative) has erected six modern new buildings with a total of around 80 apartments and commercial units in the Revaler Strasse quarter. The block, which previously only contained small businesses, was closed off for the first time by a perimeter block development.

Veauthier Architekten planned the six-storey building 2 with 12 apartments and underground parking. Each floor has two units with living spaces of between 110 and 125 m2. The first floor was built as a half-storey offset mezzanine with ground-level access to the garden/courtyard. On the one hand, this provides privacy from the street, while on the other, it allows an economical solution for the underground garage. On the upper floors, open-plan living is favored: each apartment has balconies facing the street and the courtyard. The two top-floor apartments have terraces that extend across the entire width of the building.

The alternation of light plaster surfaces and dark windows gives rhythm to the façade.

Haasestraße 2, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Baugemeinschaft Haasestraße GbR
Veauthier Meyer Architekten
KfW NH 55
Architectural design phases 1-5
1.250 m2 BGF
Image rights
Veauthier Architekten