Sustainability services

It's about planning and building in a climate-friendly way. There was a lot of discussion about the consequences of climate change and the urgently needed adaptations and damage limitation in the construction industry. One thing is certain: the construction and operation of houses will be organized sustainably in the future. The new requirements have such a strong influence on our current planning and construction that we can speak of a construction turnaround.

This includes a variety of requirements: material and energy-saving construction, building with local materials, low-pollutant construction, timber and hybrid buildings, Building-integrated photovoltaics BIPV, green roofing, green facades

But this also means that a new aesthetic is emerging. We build differently today than we did 10 years ago. In the future, the sustainability of a building will also be reflected in its appearance. Houses will look different in the future than they did in the past. The architectural profession is facing exciting challenges. There is also a new, broad field of sustainability planners and experts who will help shape our planning processes in the future and who will need to be coordinated. The planning teams are growing.

Veauthier Architects have extensive experience in planning and project management of particularly sustainable projects.

Get an idea of our references in sustainable construction:

Projektsteuerung Hochhaus in Holzhybridbauweise in Nürnberg

Project management of a wooden student residence

Project management of residential construction in timber hybrid construction

Planning of residential construction on Flottwellstrasse in KfW NH 55 standard

Planning of residential construction on Haasestrasse in KfW NH 55 standard

Planning of energy-efficient renovation of the Hüttenweg swimming pool

Planning of energy-efficient renovation of the Fischerinsel swimming pool

Planung energetische Sanierung der denkmalgeschützten Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee