The design for the new Campus Centre at the University of Saarland was developed on the basis of the urban planning framework that was planned in cooperation between Veauthier Architects and the Machleidt Office of Urbanism, Berlin. The building serves functionally and spatially as a new focal point for the campus. It combines several central advisory and service facilities as well as student spaces; on the ground floor there is a range of shops and commercial units.

The central campus square, a former parade ground, is framed by the new, 90 metre long, two-storey building, making its original, strict orthogonality visible once again.

The cantilevered canopy of the Campus Centre expresses a welcoming and protective gesture. The illuminated roof is clad with translucent polycarbonate panels both above and below. During the day natural light enters through the roof, while at night the building is transformed into an architecture of light.

Die bewegt versetzten, vertikalen Fassadenelemente verleihen dem Neubau einen musikalischen Duktus. Die Gliederung basiert auf einem regelmäßig-unregelmäßigen Rhythmus, der als eine Art musikalische Notation gelesen werden kann. Er lässt die Fassade lebendig und gleichermaßen ausgewogen erscheinen.

Campus A4.4, 66123 Saarbrücken
University of Saarland
Veauthier Architekten
Architectural design phases 1-8
2.220 m2 BGF
Christoph Rokitta