The development plan process for the UmweltQuartier on Nordwestring in Nuremberg is currently underway in coordination with the City of Nuremberg. UmweltBank's aim is to build a sustainable and liveable urban quarter to high ecological and social standards. In addition to residential buildings in timber hybrid construction, a student residence, a daycare center, commercial space and spacious, publicly accessible play and green areas are also planned.

Quartier 4 envisages three point blocks in timber hybrid construction. The basic structure of the building consists of load-bearing wall bulkheads made of cross-laminated timber, which are braced by a reinforced concrete core. On the short sides, the bulkheads also form the outer walls; on the long sides, the façade is non-load-bearing, which allows for easy projections and recesses. The non-load-bearing timber façade has a modular structure. The individual modules differ depending on their function: balcony railing, parapet, solar panel, window strip - these mosaic tiles create a varied yet orderly façade appearance.

Nordwestring, 90419 Nürnberg
UmweltBank AG, Nürnberg
Pakula Fischer Architekten, Stuttgart
Project management from project development to shell construction as member of the pro.b group
7.500 m2 BGF
Processing time
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Pakula Fischer Architekten, Stuttgart