The project has been developed in timber hybrid and modular timber construction and will expand the housing options for students in the Umweltquartier in the future. The smallest unit in the design, the single apartment, is designed as a module and is cleverly coupled with the multi-person apartments so that the six upper floors can be built using classic modular timber construction.

The solid base distributes the resulting loads with a strong ceiling, which minimizes any interference from support positions or load-bearing elements on the first floor. The design idea is derived from the timber hybrid construction method. Consequently, the upper floors have a timber façade with large window openings cut into it. The entire south-west façade incorporates monocrystalline PV elements from the second floor upwards. The dimensions of these are adapted to the structure of the building.

The development plan process for the UmweltQuartier is currently underway in coordination with the City of Nuremberg. UmweltBank's aim is to build a sustainable and liveable urban quarter to high ecological and social standards. In addition to living space for students, the plans include social and affordable housing, a daycare center, commercial space and spacious, publicly accessible play and green areas.

As Managing Director of the pro.b Group, Andreas Veauthier is responsible for project management from phase zero in 2019 until the completion of the architectural competition in 2023.

Nordwestring, 90419 Nürnberg
UmweltBank AG, Nürnberg
Peter W. Schmidt Architekten, Berlin
Projektsteuerung von Projektentwicklung 2022 bis zum Abschluss des Architektenwettbewerbes 2023 als GF der pro.b-Gruppe
6.600 m2 BGF
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Peter W. Schmidt Architekten, Berlin