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In the mid-1990s the city of Erfurt decided on the construction of "An der Weinsteige": a residential area in a quiet location in the district Bindersleben.

The design concept acknowledges the increasing demand for flexibly planned, top-quality yet affordable housing. The terraced, chain and semi-detached houses are constructed under optimised economic planning, but their high quality is revealed both in the fine detailing, as well as in practical and flexible spatial planning that enables the houses to be adapted to the changing needs of users.

An interplay of terraced, chain and semi-detached houses creates consistent building lines that are spatially differentiated in height, depth and in the articulation of the facades. The modular dimensioning enables various combinations of building types within the construction window and building plots available. This allows a flexible response to user demands and to the client’s budget calculations.

The uniformity of the facade elements used creates an expression of communality, and thus forms the background for residents’ individual concepts for living.

An der Weinsteige, 99092 Erfurt-Bindersleben
R&S Bau Beteiligungs GmbH
HOAI phases 1-4