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Gräflicher Park Hotel & Spa

The listed Park Hotel complex in Bad Driburg was extensively converted and extended without closing the business.

Veauthier Architects’ office drew up a master plan for this purpose, carefully extending the existing listed building with the additional buildings necessary, while avoiding having to relinquish the existing urban axis to the fountain arcades.

The main new construction consisted in upgrading the hotel with a new central entrance building. Known as the "orangery", this building has since become the central contact point and circulation hub for the business of the hotel.

The second main change was the reworking of the listed restaurant and conference areas to enable them to now accommodate up to 600 people.

The third important change proposed two new buildings housing the hotel spa with its 25m outdoor swimming pool.

As a final step several listed guesthouses were renovated, including the Hölderlin House from 1790. This was stripped back to its half-timbered frame and completely rebuilt.

Brunnenallee 1, 33014 Bad Driburg
Graf Oeynhausen Grundstückshandel und Grundstücksverwaltung Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Driburg
HOAI phases 2-5 and 2-8
11.800 m2 GFA refurbishment, 7.400 m2 GFA new buildings